Vola represents an active lifestyle and courage to take on challenges in all aspects of life. Wherever life takes you, Vola goes with you.

Our story began when two young entrepreneurs put their heads together and started chasing a common goal; communality, courage and uncompromising perseverance are the cornerstones of Vola.

Our goal is to create an audio brand with trendy style and the latest innovations. The mission Included hunting down the best electronics manufacturers in the industry and design our products with Finland in mind.

2019 rolled passed quickly and was spent designing, manufacturing and building the latest prototypes. October 2019 was when we launched our Vola V1 model. The development work continued with the help of our costumers feedback and design team. After another 6 months, it was time to release our newest product. With unbeatable quality and usability we are proud to present to you – Vola V2.